Do you know anything about sex toys? There are so many types of these toys designed for men, and they can be quite beneficial for your sexual health and satisfaction. Here, we will go through all the reasons why they are so important and discuss the most common types you might find in your local sex shop.

How Sex Toys Became Mainstream

When you search for sex toys online, you can notice that the majority of websites focus on the female audience. It has been like this for years, and adult toys for women are quite common today. However, people haven’t always been this accepting of the adult toys industry.

Many people think that sex toys are too extreme and that they shouldn’t be as common as they are now. Even though adult toys have been around for a while (the earliest dildo is nearly 30,000 years old), they are still considered taboo in some parts of the world.

Fortunately, the general acceptance of sex toys is on the increase, and it isn’t rare to find a girl owning a dildo or some other similar toy. This leads us to the problem on the other end of the spectrum, which is men. There are so many people who find it strange for a guy to own or use a sex toy, and it is something that needs to change as soon as possible.

We can already see so many guys willing to step out of the boundaries and do what makes them feel good, and it is the right way to go. There is nothing wrong with using sex toys, regardless of your gender.

Sex Toys That Men Use

One of the main issues with male sex toys is that the choice is rather limited. Since not every sex shop can offer a variety of items, many men are forced to buy sex toys designed for women due to the lack of options or variety.

So the obvious choice here would be to go for dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. These are the holy trinity of sex toys, and they are perfect for both men and women. Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with using any of these toys, and it is up to you and your personal preference to pick the one you enjoy. For many, dildos and butt plugs will be more than enough, but others desire more.

Since more men are willing to admit that they enjoy using sex toys, it has opened a whole new market, and companies have started offering series of products designed for men. One example is cock rings. Those who are more daring and willing to try new stuff can always explore in lovegasm for urethral sounds too. Nowadays, you can find different diameters, shapes, and types of sounds, and you can use them either alone or with your partner.

Finally, there are a number of different prostate massagers available on the market as well. While it is possible to use dildos and butt plugs for this purpose, it’s always better to opt for a toy that is designed for massaging the prostate instead of something that might be able to get the job done.

The Fear of Being Branded ‘Gay’

Probably the most common fear among men is that using sex toys will make them gay. Now, as irrational as it is, we still need to talk about this issue. Using sex toys, or any type of pleasure products, will not affect your sexuality. Even if it did, there is nothing wrong with it. It would be awesome if using dildos made men gay, and we would probably see a lot of people who know how to dress properly. However, this is nonsense.

The only thing that will make you gay is being attracted to people of the same sex. So if you are a guy who likes girls, you’re safe. Of course, the majority of the people who fear for their sexuality are those who are uncertain whether they are truly straight, and they are afraid that this might push them over the edge towards the unknown.

Usually, the no-no toy in question is the prostate massager. Since the prostate is located below the bladder, the only way to access it is through the butt. The idea of putting something in your rectum is what makes this toy not as popular as you might think, and there are a lot of men unwilling to try it even with the promise of mind-blowing orgasms.

Fortunately, there is a middle-ground solution for those men as well. You can find prostate massagers that can do their job from the outside. While the sensation is not nearly as intense as it would be with “normal” stimulation, you can still experience the massage without becoming gay.

All jokes aside, the whole stigma about male sex toys and prostate massages is diminishing by the day, and there are so many straight men in heterosexual relationships who enjoy using male toys.

The Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Men

The most apparent benefit you will get from using sex toys is satisfaction. Orgasms are the best way to deal with stress, and people use them to feel good. However, this is just one of the many advantages you might encounter.

Sex toys are known to improve sexual performance, and they can be rather beneficial for your mental health. Since using toys is more likely to end with ejaculation, it also means that it will lower the chances of prostate cancer.

If a man goes too long without orgasm, semen will build up in the prostate, which can lead to stagnation and bacterial growth. Adult toys and prostate orgasms are just one of many ways to keep your body healthy and ensure that you are satisfied. Needless to say, toys aren’t necessary to have fun and experience sexual pleasure, but they can be more than helpful with this task.