This a vlog by a person who claims to be an incel and wants to leave the said community.

A Vlog by an incel member nameed Eggy who pin points genetic superior male always get the attractive female. Thus, ugly people like him left with nothing.

A continuation of the vlog made by Eggy who talks about the genetic deterioration that is facing the current society.

An unconfirmed Facebook post by the suspect behind Monday’s van attack referenced the ‘Incel rebellion.’ Tina Tenneriello speaks to a man who says he is part of the ‘Incel’ online community to find out about their beliefs.

The video I should have started with. Going over reasons I became a 31 Year Old Forever Alone TFL Gymcel, Truecel, Virgin. I don’t like to label myself (or identify as an Incel, though by definition it is true-“Blend of involuntary +‎ celibate. Coined in 1997 (originally invcel)”) but making this video to get views/ traffic but being 100% honest about what led me to this point. Having 0 social circles since 14, never belonging, having social anxiety and a bad attitude stemming from abuse suffered as a child and how people consequently treated me over the years. Edited this video quite heavily to remove long pauses and make it more interesting, please enjoy! Story, Vlog, Vent, rant.

Kent talks about Incel

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