le I’m gonna fireball multiple
government buildings le my name is Spa
SP I live in the United Kingdom the next
few months I’m gonna fire for the
students remember not and if you don’t
have for me to the police
so when you’re conscious – that’s the
kind of sarcastic bit this is a
performance for the cameras and for me a
woman because this is a chat room of in
cells virgins spread across three
continents these are my friends this
guy’s name with home prints already this
is a guy named dick he’s a football
yeah Joey’s his vice bitch still there
ringback fuck you
that’s just how we talk though you know
like this bitch that nigga is that you
know like it’s just like vulgar and you
could call that toxic but we’re all
desensitized to it most of the world was
introduced to in cells when Elliot
Rodger killed six people at UC Santa
Barbara in 2014 police didn’t have to
search long to learn what motivated a 22
year old gunman to kill six people and
injure seven others before doing so he
posted a 141 page manifesto mostly
blaming women for not having sex with
every single spoiled stuck-up blonde
it made him a hero among some in cells
then in Toronto in April Alec Minassian
praised Rodger on Facebook before
driving a van into a crowd of people
Killington Alec Minassian wasn’t part of
a terrorist group but it may not be as
simple as suggesting he was a lone wolf
what is an insole its involuntarily
celibate um it’s just something you are
you know vole sells voluntarily celibate
in cell is involuntarily celibate
meaning you’ve tried many times and
failed and then there’s mental cells
which is probably the best with me
someone who can’t form a relationship
because of
mental blockage but have you been
diagnosed as agoraphobia
obsessive-compulsive disorder social
anxiety social paranoia that’s not a new
Joey is 23 years old he doesn’t have a
job he’s not in school on a given day he
may not get up from his chair where he
sits sometimes for two days straight
smoking cigarettes and running chat
rooms honestly I feel more real here
sitting in front of the computer when I
go outside I almost depersonalized a
little bit I feel like I’m playing a
video game I don’t know what that is
it’s just a state of mind it’s probably
just a side effect of isolation our in
cells behind I don’t think they’re
they’re really violent they’re very meek
and when an insult acts it’s not the
same type of thing as when Dylan would
have shot up that church or when Isis
blows people up those are perhaps more
masculine these are like docile men who
have like this bottled up thing and then
it comes out as an outburst of anger but
I think that that’s uncommon people joke
about killing women that’s that those
are that’s a higher percentage people
joke about killing women the jokes were
ambiguous enough that reddit bandits
insel forum last November for violating
its policy against inciting violence but
in cells still talk on sites with fewer
rules like 4chan and in cells dot me
which is Elliot Rodger mean to be
insulting people look up to him I guess
in some sense not in the chatroom ironic
it’s part a joke part people look up to
and do you like the ambiguity no you
can’t tell them their joke
yeah well that stuff even if they’re
talking about someone who killed people
well I don’t I think that it’s part of a
way for them to heal themselves maybe
they feel bitter and resentful like he
did and to be able to laugh at him is in
a way to be able to laugh at themselves
in cells believe in a strange cosmology
where a male archetype named Chad talks
to women with ease and is rewarded with
sex in cells to find themselves in
opposition to this as too ugly or
awkward and resent women for falling for
the Chad’s of the world before we came
here I told you to just be yourself he
said that was a joke the joke was like
you know he’s some skinny loser and Chad
does something awesome and he goes hey
man how do you do it in the guy Chad
just goes just be yourself man Chad
doesn’t realize that you know his good
looks or his muscles or his financial
status or social status or what gettin’
gettin’ make him successful and what get
him friends he doesn’t realize that he
thinks it’s just his personality that
does that it’s just virtue of in being
him in cells think that without a stigma
on female sexuality
women will sleep with countless
high-status Chad’s leaving the remaining
80% of men sexless and resentful women
who have had sex with you know hundred
plus me and now they’re kind of
ostracized from their communities and
they feel that they were kind of lied to
by a feminist progressive society that
told them it’s okay to flaunt your
sexuality but I just seems kind of like
a cartoon to me like I don’t actually
know my personal life many women who
slept with hundreds of you don’t listen
you should interview girls 20 to 23
right now and ask them how many partners
they’ve had
for all the anger directed outward
toward women there’s more directed
inward in cells are dangerous but mostly
to themselves he’s gonna get a stick out
that’s what he does gets his dick out
shits his pants he’s shitting his pants
jesus fucking christ dude this isn’t
what happened Wow
this stunt was one of this guys
recurring jokes so was suicide
he died at home on July 7th coroner’s
haven’t yet ruled on a cause of death in
this subculture people bond over
self-loathing joy says it’s therapeutic
but four of his friends have killed
I just don’t know what it is about me
that’s so repulsive to others you know
that they feel the need to insult me and
exclude me from everything excluded
scorned and alone their frustration
festering online in forums like in sells
me 4chan and reddit sprained cells where
Alec Minassian has divided
self-identified in cells involuntary
celibates some people are worried that
their spaces are gonna get shut down
others are kind of reveling in the
attention and some are pushing for
copycat attacks for years our she man
has been tracking the angry online
subculture he broadly calls the male
grievance movement a place where
misogynistic and racist rants find a
home among in cells a community that has
struggled with relationships with women
to the point of giving up some even
calling for retribution like Elliot
Rodger you girls have never been
attracted to me the california man who
four years ago left a manifesto and
chilling video before going on a killing
rampage that ended in his suicide i
think for sure the misogyny has been
there for a long time
i think this kind of toxic masculinity
that feeds off of an entitlement to to
women to sex is a big part of that and
that’s quite universal don’t be
unattractive this documentary tracks a
group of self-described
in cells who meet online then try to
meet women and fail the filmmaker agrees
in rare cases the online rage can turn
violent it’s sort of a this mixture like
self-loathing and and just frustration
and i think at that point maybe they
just want to see the world burn a little
bit punishing us for not seeing their
pain platforms like reddit have taken
action against in sell forms but new
ones reappear we call upon the web
giants to make sure that they can
any form of hate speech and any form of
discrimination given the anonymous
nature of insel forms it’s unknown how
many active members there are and if
alec Minassian was one of them but
police are investigating the connection
Vick adobea CBC News Toronto the in
cells are part of a larger online group
that’s been called the manosphere these
blogs and forums lament the plight of
men often by heaping blame and scorn on
women Aditi Natasha Kinney is a
journalist who’s looked into these
groups and she joins me tonight from New
York Aditi we’ve been talking about in
cells a lot obviously in this country
over the past couple of days but this is
a bigger community what do they all have
in common it’s it’s a platform for men’s
rights men’s rights activists in general
have an issue with feminism with women’s
rights and are often misogynist
communities eggs other examples are the
red pill which is a community of people
who have taken the red pill from the
matrix and believe that pickup artist
techniques are the only way to date
women and on reddit the red pill has a
quarter of a million subscribers there’s
other ones as well of course okay so it
is it could be a lot of people on these
platforms how do we know whether they
are just trolls or people talking or
whether they are about to become
radicalized violent people it’s hard to
know it’s hard to pinpoint when
something turns from violent it EA ssin
into action but part of it is the
indoctrination on these communities when
someone is spewing hatred and getting
that feedback from peers on in these
communities the voices in their head
start to seem even more real it’s very
real to them that their sexual
frustration is because of of what they
call normies that is people who have sex
of people the majority of the mainstream
so it’s hard to say when that online
radicalization can become a real life
threat but with Elliot Rodger you can
see that he definitely had an ample time
to do that
you yourself have been threatened for
just for talking about this yes I have
Vice article I wrote in November got me
a lot of threats and I was doxed what
have you noticed in the past couple of
days on message boards about Alec
Minassian I’ve noticed a couple of a
variety of reactions actually the first
one I noticed was like people being
incredulous they were they were
surprised they thought that he was not
really an in cell they thought that the
mainstream was trying to malign in cells
the second reaction I saw was people
afraid that the becoming mainstream
would mean that their communities would
be shut down and examined and the third
which was the concerning one with were
people who were excited that he was one
of them and that it was now time for
revenge and to make people afraid of
their sexual frustration okay Aditya
Natasha Kinney thanks for perspective
tonight thank you