An anal plug is a cone-shaped sex toy, which exists in different sizes and colors. Introduced into the anus or even the vagina, it generates sexual arousal and can provide pleasure. The anal plugs can be silicone, soft PVC, latex and sometimes even resin, wood or metal! Some are equipped with a suction cup to facilitate penetration. Here you will get a complete overview on how to use an erotic butt plug.

This sex toy can introduce those who want to practice sodomy but have some fears in this area. It’s a way to go gradually! This is a sex toy that should be used with care because it can cause direct medical complications: rectal tearing, bacterial infections.

How to choose his anal plug?

Contrary to popular belief, the anal plug is not only for homosexuals. Women can also feel pleasure using this sex toy or give to their partner. They can be introduced into the vagina or anus, or enter their male partner through the rectum, which is an erogenous zone in humans and which, by stimulating their prostate, gives them pleasure.

When you have never practiced sodomy , it is better to choose an anal plug with a small diameter and made of silicone, because it is the most flexible material. When you regularly practice anal sex, you can afford to choose a plug with a larger diameter. The conical shape allows anyway introducing the object slowly and gently.

But there are actually different forms of anal plugs , even if they are all generally with a thick base and a tip that gradually becomes end. They can have curves and balls.

How to use his anal plug?

The anal plug can be used as a dildo. It can be used to make in the vagina or anus male or female, and thus provide pleasure. You can bring even more enjoyment to your partner by combining anal penetration with a plug to another sexual practice, such as fellatio for example. Get an anal plug now at

He will feel more pleasure!

The question: “does dry sex hurt?” is common. You don’t want to find the answer the hard way, do you? So before use, it is advisable to apply lubricant, so that the sex toy slides well, and to avoid hurting his partner. It must be remembered that anal play is way drier that vaginal play. In fact, it is comparable to an extreme vaginal dryness, except that it is done backdoor. The anal plug is introduced gradually by the end, turning it on itself. It is important not to go in a hurry. When the maximum penetration (bearable) has been reached, you can either continue to rotate it or perform back and forth.

It is important to be cautious when handling which should be gentle and on hygiene, to avoid medical complications. The sex toy must always be disinfected before introducing it into another anus or vagina, in order to avoid uti and burning vulva, as well as the transmission of STIs.

The term Sodomy comes from the name of the city of Sodom which, according to the Bible, was destroyed by God after his inhabitants had tried to rape God’s angels who were refugees at Lot, Abraham’s nephew.

It is then found at different times and especially in Ancient Greece between the teacher and his pupil, who considered this practice as a way of transmitting knowledge.

Read this article for beginner tips in using anal plugs or visit love plugs twitter page for community discussion about the butt plugs products, experienced and all that.

A word of order: to trust!

Today, sodomy is a sexual practice still feared by many women and raises questions. The first may lie in the act itself, which, beyond the fear of the pain it can arouse, passes for a humiliating act or even an animal practice. Men fantasize about this because the sphincter exerts more pressure than the vagina on the penis, but no woman should let it impose. A relationship of love and / or confidence in your partner is essential to try and avoid painful inconvenience.

You must also remember that anus gives less lubrication during intercourse. So you need to think of lubricating the anus. It should be with a lubricant based on water or silicone, in no case Vaseline, too fat that spoils the condom and yes, a condom, because although sodomy is obviously a mode of reproduction, it does not prevent the transmission of venereal diseases.

Finally as in all your sex life, it is to consider sodomy as a game to practice between players caring and good faith. Even if your decision to become a mother is finally taken, it can take several months before you become pregnant. Do not think that making love often or even every day with your spouse is the guarantee of a quick pregnancy.

You are indeed aware that to get pregnant, it is necessary that your egg meets your partner’s sperm, and that this can only take place at the time of ovulation, which corresponds to the monthly period during which your ovaries release an egg.

Five days a month on average, you are fertile. But you still have to know which ones! This is what your temperature curve should allow you to determine, more or less accurately. Indeed, changes in body heat will help you estimate the day of your ovulation and the time for procreation.

How to realize its temperature curve?

There is nothing simpler! On the other hand, it is very important to be assiduous and rigorous. First of all, it must be known that to be reliable, the temperature curve  must be carried out on three consecutive menstrual cycles. A period during which you can of course continue to try to get pregnant, because surprises, it happens too!

Every morning for three months, at the same time and with the same thermometer which is preferably used by the anal, for reliability, you must take your temperature and write it next to the date of the day.

To postpone the results, you have 2 possibilities. Either you make a table with three columns and 31 rows, on a loose sheet, indicating in vertical Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3, and horizontally the days of the month, and then noting the daily temperature in each box.

Either you realize a graph with dots, noting the days of the month in abscissas and the temperatures from 36 ° to 38 ° in ordinates. Then you connect the dots to draw the curve. When you change months, you change pen color to compare.

Be aware; however, that you can find this type of blank document at your obstetrician’s or even download it for free from a specialized website. Note: if you have fever for several days, the results may be distorted; this month will therefore be considered null.

How to interpret a temperature curve?

You should know that the level of body temperature is closely related to changes in your progesterone levels during the cycle. Indeed, during the first half of your cycle, they are both low, then after ovulation they go back, to fall after the menses.

The moment of ovulation is exactly the day before your temperature rises. In other words, during the first part of your cycle, it oscillates 36.1 ° and 36.7 °, but when one morning it goes to 37 °, it means that you have started the second part of your cycle. Cycle and so you have ovulated the day before.

By observing the behavior of your body during three consecutive menstrual cycles, using the curve, you can determine your predicted day of ovulation and thus the fertile time for procreation. Alternatively, you can also buy ovulation tests at the pharmacy. It’s expensive but powerful.