Love swings are made of straps and upholstery sex toys, usually attached to chains hanging from the ceiling of a room or a special support structure. Love swings serve the passive partner in the common love play as a couch surface and are often used for anal intercourse, e.g. with strap ons. The free-hanging position allows the active part of the couple to easily access the vagina or anus. Who wants to provide even more pleasurable variety and variation possibilities, can tie his partner here also in addition hands and feet. Some love swings, such as the soft-padded swing by Cumswingwithme, are also equipped with special loops.

Love Swing: Swing yourself in ecstasy!

You want to bring a bit more momentum into your relationship with sex swing positions? Then you should first consider where you can best attach the love swing. It’s not so easy to fix a love swing stable and secure. Whether living room, bedroom or separate playroom, a love swing can be hung wherever there is enough space and a stable and stable concrete ceiling. Once the model of your choice has been properly fixed, you can start. With a love swing, couples can try out the most exciting positions and erotic role-play games, without spending much energy.

Love swings in Amorelie

Whether standing, lying or sitting, love swings guaranteed your sex life guaranteed a little more spice. The feeling of weightlessness lets you ascend into new spheres of pleasure and forget the stress of everyday life for a while. Give yourself to your partner, for example, in the love swing De Luxe fully and try out together many new and exciting love swing positions. Joydivision’s sturdy sling offers loads of exciting variety and variation for your love life. But other well-known brands, such as Fetish Fantasy or Lux Fetish, have a wide selection of high-quality love swings and other sex furniture for experimenting couples.

You like to try something new? Are you interested in an individual toy, a magic product to guarantee your desire increase? The Kamasutra with all its wonderfully acrobatic suggestions has inspired you? The forms of swings have changed over time; in former times one used courageously with his sweetheart the ship swing with rollover on the hype. Today, they bring them with a love swing in their own four walls, not only to demonstrate cosmopolitanism.

What is a love swing?

The love swing is a very good choice for athletes who do not want to spend too much. For some it becomes a fetish, but under no circumstances will it be a substitute for the partner, since it does not work on its own. It will be a gain for those who want to change their sex position without much physical effort.

A swing offers enormous benefits. Floating, you no longer ask yourself where to go to sleep with your arm just about to fall asleep. You have full freedom of movement and can therefore fully concentrate on your desire and the needs of your partner. The active sex partner stands and the passive partner is ready to turn in the swing. This is extremely comfortable as it is fitted with specifically adjustable, sometimes padded loops of leather or plastic for your arms and legs.

The alternative to bed, table or sofa will inspire you if you want to try something new. The experience in the love swing can be quite a drastic experience, because the leather straps can leave an impressive impression. Therefore, choosing the right swing is important and useful.

The model is crucial

First, a distinction should be made according to different models of swings. The certainly most uncomplicated variant here deliver love swings, which have a fixed frame. They have the clear advantage that neither holes need to be drilled nor anchors must be processed. They can be set up conveniently and are virtually ready to use. Unfortunately, these swings are often less portable than free-hanging models. They also take much more space through their frame. Also popular are models that, like barbell bars, can simply be “plugged” into the door frame. However, this variant also limits massively freedom of movement. The most common variant is therefore certainly the free-hanging love swing. Ultimately, only this offers all the exciting benefits of areal “love swing.

Buy a love swing

No matter which model you choose, your ultimate imagination and the space available in your space and the opportunities that arise from it is subject to the purchase alternative. Trying out the suitable object would of course make sense. There are special clubs where this is possible. An order on the Internet and a research on the satisfaction of other customers also make sense. Otherwise, of course, the purchase is subject to your personal needs and budget.

In which variations are love swings?

There are very different swings, which can be assigned to your own ideas and needs. Stationary to coordinate various possibilities for use: Fixed swings may be attached to the ceiling both, or as part of a door to be attached. Sling called brackets are made of either steel or metal and can be screwed to a wall.

If you want to avoid drilling perhaps the purchase of a swing with frame comes for you in question, which can also be taken individually. Regardless of the attachment, there are three different types of love swings:

Seat slings are very popular because they are equipped with supportive back straps. As a result, the additional use is given to come in a comfortable lying position. The height adjustment is individual, so you can step on the floor or kneeling.

So-called sling mats are more likely to be classified as hammocks. As a rule, the size is 60 x 90 cm, to ensure a certain comfort. On request, retailers also offer custom sizes.

The Sling board, sometimes in professional circles “Fuck Bench called” broadly similar to a massage table is therefore a rigid version with a bearing surface of approximately 50 x 80 cm.

All variants of the swings described above are made of leather, synthetic leather or robust plastic. Different manufacturers offer a choice of colors from black to red, but also purple, blue or white.

What needs to be considered during use?

The almost weightless, swinging experience will surely inspire you. It is best to use the swing for a change with your own partner, in order not to have to explain the possibly mentioned impressions that are quite similar to the welts. The beating rhythm of the active partner is determined by holding and guiding the slings. The passive, somewhat fixated partner can have the tingling sensation of being delivered.

To clean the contact surfaces of sweat and various other body fluids and for care use leather oil, a colorless leather care product, saddler soap or even water for wet cleaning distilled water, as this contains no lime and thus unsightly stains or lime edges are avoided.

Know more basics of sex swings here.

Tips for the safety of use

The unknown sight, as well as the prospect of safe and comfortable hold of a love swing, may also inspire your children or experimental grandsons, just curious to take a seat. It may therefore be better to avoid the questions that are imminent by dismantling the swing when you visit them.

It is also unknown whether accidents are detected in the improper use. Since you have worked cleanly and conscientiously with the attachment of your love swing, a safe and joyful use is certain nothing in the way.