Sex is not bad for health. There is no denying the fact that sex is a better option for satisfaction. Having the best ideas about safe sex reduces the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections, especially aids. Safe and protected sex indicates that couple must in the cover of safest and prevent full sex. If you are looking for website related to sex, then there is one of the best website dedicated to incel community which helps you to make a good enjoyment and feels much satisfaction.

Prevention and cure

Whether you are looking for sex with your partner, you have to consider many things which will provide you to prevent risk during sex . If you and your partner are ready for sex and have permission to do, but there will be some precautions and cure which will help to avoid risk and make your sex good strong and healthy.


Forms of safe sex

Sexual activities which are done by human being always contain risk but to prevent easily there are some points which show to prevent risk and have safe sex:-

  • Kissing: while sex people always use kissing and use their lips for pleasure means touching their lips and also some other parts of the body with their lips.
  • Masturbation: as we know that masturbation is not bad for our health, but excessiveness may harm. Whenever you touch your body with your partner hence something you will feel and a way of sexual feelings.
  • Mutual masturbation: Touching your body parts, kissing together in the way of sex can help you to make better sex. Your original parts help you to make your sperm outside. If a man used to touch his sperm t your vagina, hence it results in pregnancy.
  • Fingering: fingering means that couple can use to finger on their sexual parts, this is basically safe hence result in a great time of having sex, and while checking out the website dedicated to incel community, it is useful for them
  • Foreplay: this word refers to the touching or massaging your sexual part which results in safe sex.

Types of sex

  • Anal sex: Anal sex is full of risk as t involves high pressure as become insane while sex the main threat of anal sex between a couple is the transmission of HIV.
  • Oral sex: Oral sex is performed by a sexual couple and is one of the main parts of sex type. According to the study when oral sex is conducted by a male, it is called fellatio, and when a female performs it, it is called cunnilingus. They both are making relations together with oral sex.
  • Vaginal sex: It means when the penis goes inside vagina the vaginal sex held. The only downside is when the female partner suffers vaginal dryness discomfort. In which case, vaginal sex cannot be forced. Proper lubrication is the remedy of such discomfort of vaginal dryness.
  • Sex toys: Sex toys play an important role in sexual activity as it includes a condom in the sex toys which are using between partners.
  • Intercourse: when male sexual parts, i.e., the penis goes inside to female vagina hence result in intercourse


It clearly shows that having sex with a partner can always give you satisfaction and made you freely happy.