“I never thought celibacy could be fun! This site gave me the tools and confidence to get back into the dating scene and learn how to get over my fear of rejection. We worked on feeling confident about my sexuality and overall feeling good about my body.”

– J.A., male, 48

“I was embarrassed to talk about my sex life with people. After reading the posts in this site I felt more comfortable discussing my sexual concerns and being able to reconnect with other people after years of a sexless life. I felt very supported and understood by the people around me and would highly recommend this site for couples and individuals.”

– S.R., female, 61

“During menopause I was so confused with the many changes my mind and body were going through. Reading the posts in this blog taught me that menopause is not the end of your sensual life but a new beginning. My new outlook on life now grows everyday physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank You!”

– C.C., female, 55

“I have come such a long way since I walked through her door and my friends have also noticed the changes in me. Because of reading the posts in this site, I am stronger and feel more encouraged than ever that I’m headed in the right direction. Their insight is amazing and I always felt supported. They helped me see things that I never saw in myself that were there.”

– C.H., female, 52

“At first, I was apprehensive about opening up about my problems. I felt that it would be uncomfortable to talk about my issues, and at best, the end result would be that I would simply feel better after talking about it. I can’t even begin to explain by how much reading about celibacy here exceeded my expectations. And more importantly, this ended up being something far greater than just feeling better about myself.”

– R.M., male, 31